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Capsule CRM

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"Web-based CRMs such as Capsule CRM are strong and viable alternatives to on-premise CRM. The cost of on-premise CRM makes it less suitable for SMBs. Today, business is no longer confined to the office or any particular place. With the introduction of 3G services and Wi-Fi, a majority of businesses are slowly shifting to mobile platforms. Many SMBs have their own mobile sales force that taps opportunities wherever possible. Let’s take a look at the Capsule CRM and see what makes it most suitable for SMBs
Getting started with Capsule CRM:

Users can sign up for a free CapsuleCRM account, or businesses can sign up for a professional edition of Capsule CRM for $12 per month per user. Businesses can test the functionality of the professional edition for 30 days free before deciding to sign up for the professional edition. The free account can only have 2 users and has limited storage options. Free account users are also not eligible to use the CRM integration features with top business applications. Professional edition users enjoy added functionality such as seamless integration with Xerox, KashFlow, FreeAgent, FreshBooks and MailChimp along with added storage space and the freedom to create unlimited opportunities.
Exciting features of Capsule CRM:
Complete contact view:

All contacts stored in the CRM are stored according to user defined categories. The contacts can be tagged or sorted for easy identification such as vendor, customer, and lead/opportunity. A user can also add notes such as scheduled meetings, meeting outcomes, and every detail about the customer. Capsule CRM is capable of tracking all emails sent to a particular person/business client from any mail client or Outlook. This feature of congregating the data helps the user know everything about the customer before interacting or presenting an offer.

Capsule CRM Contact view
Sales Pipeline management:

The Capsule CRM dashboard gives the user a summary of the opportunities available with their corresponding dates. Users can attach notes and documents to the opportunities and generate separate reports for future opportunities (for different categories) utilizing the configurable filters provided in Capsule CRM.

Businesses can keep track of every opportunity at different stages such as prospects, meetings, proposals, and opportunities won.

Capsule CRM Sales Pipeline Management
Gmail contextual gadget:

The contextual gadget in Capsule CRM extends the functionality of your Gmail inbox and brings all the information stored in your CRM to your inbox. For example, if you are viewing a particular customer’s email, the contextual gadget will give you a glance of every customer-centric detail that is stored in your CRM. In simple words, the Gmail contextual gadget will update you about the different activities and opportunities related to the customer so that you can make informed decisions thereafter.

The Gmail contextual gadget is capable of scanning names, purchase order numbers, and other relevant information in an email and presents the user with relevant actions in-line with the email. The gadget allows the user to view the customer’s past interactions and special considerations.
Integration with Zferral for Affiliate Management:

Today, providing incentives can encourage customers to buy products and services. It is also a good way to reward your loyal customers. Zferral presents businesses with an easy and convenient solution to offer incentives to their customers, is easy to use, and gives help at every step of the way. Businesses can sign up for any program and start building their marketing and affiliate campaigns. Zferral provides a wide range of tools to create an effective and professional marketing campaign too and also allows businesses to launch multiple campaigns while still managing incentive programs efficiently for each campaign.

Zferral is also ideal for businesses that are small and have a tight budget for marketing campaigns. Capsule CRM provides complete integration with Zferral, which means businesses can use this powerful marketing tool within the application.
Tight Integration to Accounting System KashFlow

KashFlow is fast establishing itself as a wonderful accounting solution for small businesses. It is extremely easy to use, and doesn’t come with an overwhelming array of superfluous features. The tight integration to CRM’s like CapsuleCRM make it an attractive accounting option. If you use PayPal in your business, KashFlow is all the more compelling, as the integration to PayPal is superb.
Smart integration with Wufoo:

Wufoo is a simple application that helps one create functional and powerful web based forms. The application creates all scripts that are needed to gather information from your users. With Wufoo, you don’t have to create or upload any form on your website. It can create forms within a few minutes and also create a linked database where the information collected through forms is stored.
Added functionality with Dropbox:

Users can create a new opportunity and link it to the email and send it to Dropbox. Capsule CRM Dropbox then creates and stores contact information along with the opportunity and email. This feature allows users to save time, as they do not have to manually create an opportunity and link it to the email. The application does this task automatically.
Secure Data Backup:

Data security and backups are extremely important for businesses. Businesses always look to keep a backup of data in case of any mishap. Capsule CRM understands the concerns of businesses and provides tools for easy backups as well. Capsule CRM keeps an additional copy of data in Amazon S3 (simple storage service) backup storage services. The CRM data is backed up every hour and can be easily retrieved when needed. Capsule CRM takes every measure to secure and protect valuable data.
Capsule CRM on the mobile:

With businesses migrating to mobile platforms, many popular applications are now accessible even through a Smartphone. Capsule CRM can be accessed from the iPhone and some Android based smartphones.

Capsule CRM is full fledged CRM which does not bind your business to a particular office set-up. It is an ideal solution for an individual, small, and medium business and sales teams who want the full functionality of the CRM without installing the software to access it. The mobile sales team can benefit from capsule CRM functionality as they can always keep themselves updated about all opportunities. Capsule CRM allows businesses to collaborate with their employees and, CRM functionality ensures that every member is aware of the tasks assigned to him/her.

If you a looking for strong Project Management, CapsuleCRM is not the best option, however. It will function for small-scale projects, but you would be better off considering CRM solutions like WORKEtc., which has sophisticated project management capabilities.

Capsule CRM is a far better option than on-premise CRM, which needs to be installed on the system. Besides, the CRM data stored in the on-premise CRM system cannot be accessed outside the office. Today,
businesses are required to equip their sales teams with every detail about the customers before they interact and present a deal to the customer. The Capsule CRM features ensure that the sales team is well informed even it is miles away from the office or from an available opportunity in some remote area."

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